Grammar based programming editor

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Welcome to Edgar

This little project is build upon an idea I had some time ago -- probably after I was annoyed by some typo in a program. I wondered why I have to type all these characters so the compiler can build a tree from this linear representation instead of just building the tree itself.

What I want to do with this project is to write an editor that operates on the tree structure which is commonly known as parse tree. But instead of parsing the tree it should be build directly using the rules defined by the grammar.

The frontend should offer the option to insert e.g. statements by selecting them from the list of possible options. Simple example: instead of typing all the letters needed to build a for loop in C++ or Java, I just want to press the 'f' key and get the whole structure, including 3 placeholders for the 3 statements in the parentheses and a block statement for the loop itself.

This should be implemented using as much XML as possible, since the project is kind of a learning project for me, too. More details on the implementation can be found in the technology page.

If you are interested in this project, fell free to mail me.

This project is hosted on SourceForge Logo -- visit the project page